Dr. Oz Reveals Carbs Can Be A Drug & Oprah’s Finale Details [AUDIO]

May 18, 2011 7:40 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Dr. Oz phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday to chat about his fave talk show host Oprah Winfrey’s final shows, as well as he gave us some doctorly advice on seasonal allergies and what’s considered the new crack cocaine?!

With only six episodes remaining of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and little out there about what exactly the day time host has in store for her grand exit, we turned to finale guest Dr. Oz for as much insight as he could offer.

As Dr. Oz has been a guest on Oprah’s show a whooping 62 times, the Doctor laughs, “we have one left [together], that you can probably gather.” However, Oz withholds exact details as he says, “she would shoot me, drawn and quarter me, she would tar and feather me and I would never get to spend any more time with my dear friend Ryan Seacrest.” However, the doc does offer, “as with everything she always does, it’s spectacular and it’s been meticulously planned out and all about the viewer.” Aside from Dr. Oz’s experience with Oprah, we turned to his experience within his own field for adivce on how to battle seasonal allergies.

Oz explains allergies to, “big pollen counts and…weird weather patterns, getting a lot of pollen and rag weed, and…it’s interesting to figure out what really works for people because taking all those drugs often doesn’t put you in the right place, and if you’re going to take the drugs, take them prophylactically often.”

Furthering, “so what I tell people is start off by washing out places where you are harboring the pollen. So that means a neti pot…and also for a lot of women with big beautiful hairdos — you’ve got to wash your hair in the evening, because all that pollen and ragweed sticks to your hair like a mop and then you lie down in your bed and your hair puts all that stuff on your pillow and you breathe it in”

Aside from starring on Oprah’s show, Dr. Oz stars in his own daytime series, and today’s topic may be of interest to you! With a headline stating, “Carbs the New Cocaine” Dr. Oz had to offer an explanation.

Oz explains, “the more we figure out the brain is stimulated just like it is with crack cocaine when you take carbohydrates, the more we can understand why when people talk to us about the role of sugar, white bread, white flour, and white pasta in their life talk to us like addicts — it makes perfect sense, they say they cant get away from it, they say they’re down when they take it, they say they can’t get away from it, they feel a rush when they do take it.”

Concluding, “so we are bringing some folks on the show who are world experts in this area and going to help people understand why that it’s in fact the case that it does affect your brain that way and then we’re going to walk you through some things that make a big difference so if you are an addict you can break free of it’s shanks”

To find out if you’re addicted to the new crack, tune in to “The Dr. Oz Show” today and be sure to listen to the full interview above for more!