Get To Know The Top 3 ‘Idol’ Contestants Even Better!

May 19, 2011 6:38 pm

(Photo: FOX)

If you’ve been tuning in to “American Idol” every week this season, then you’ve gotten to know the now top three remaining contestants Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart pretty well — but did you know the below about them!?


Thanks to Us Weekly magazine, we’ve now got the most random, to the good-to-know facts about the top 3 contestants:


  • Has a knack for poetry! — “I’ve written poetry since I was 8 and have even competed in poetry slams.” Plus, “I write my own songs.”
  • Wishes she were a sixties baby! — “I feel like I should have been a teen in the ’60s, born in 1945.”
  • Is a comedian!? — “Improv is a passion.”
  • May not be “superstitious” like Lauren Alaina (see below!) but — “I believe in the supernatural.”
  • Although she owns a German Shepherd named Jango (after the Jazz guitarist) — “One day I hope to own a spider monkey.”


  • Can sing but he can’t play soccer — “I played soccer for one year. I was bad.”
  • Although Jennifer Lopez does want him to buzz it again — “My policy was “short hair, don’t care” until I grew it out for Idol.”
  • If your car every breaks down you can count on Scotty — “My first job was at a car shop, changing oil and tires.”
  • He’s a romantic — ” I love looking at the stars in the night sky.”
  • Meet Evan McCreery?! — “My name was going to be Evan, but my parents decided to call me Scotty on the way to the hospital.”


  • May be afraid of the dark?! — ” I sleep with my head under the covers.”
  • Doesn’t have a cat or a dog but — “I have a turtle named Squirt.”
  • If you ever get inside Lauren’s bedroom, be aware! — “I don’t like people to sit on my bed after it’s made.”
  • We know she is cheerful but did you know — “Before American Idol I was a varsity cheerleader”
  • This one we could’ve guessed! — ” I’m boy crazy.”
  • She’s a smart cookie — “I make really good grades” but she admits, ” I always lose my phone.”
  • If singing doesn’t work out — “I have a special calling and would like to work with children with special needs.”

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