Scotty McCreery’s Buzz Cut & Lauren Alaina’s Leg Shimmer Scoop [AUDIO]

May 19, 2011 12:53 pm

Ryan’s got the skinny on what we didn’t get to see on last night’s “American Idol” —

Ryan shares, “when Scotty [McCreery] performed Jimmy Iovine’s pick “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” Jennifer Lopez looked like she was waiting for the kiss and begged Scotty to cut his hair short again, buzz cut it, before the finale.” Adding, “while she said that we were backstage running around trying to find clippers, I wanted to plug in clippers or get somebody to come out with scissors, and see if he would cut it on the spot — how could we be at ‘American Idol’ and not find anything to cut hair? We have hair extensions everywhere but no scissors.”

Although Scotty didn’t get the makeover they desired, Ryan shares Lauren got quite the touch-up, adding, “also last night you saw Lauren [Alaina's] legs being rubbed down with leg shimmer…that’s because seconds before we were to come back on the show her pantyhose tore and so they pulled them off, and her legs in her mind were too pale to go on the air plain with, so they wanted to tan them up quickly which is why when we came back you saw a girl rubbing Lauren Alaina’s shins with shimmer.”

Listen to the audio clip above for more from Ryan, direct from Hollywood, and be sure to catch the elimination show of “American Idol” tonight on FOX @ 8/7c