‘Bachelorette’ Ashley H. Talks Being In Love With Brad Womack [AUDIO]

May 20, 2011 8:30 am

(Photo: ABC/Getty Images)

ABC’s newest “Bachelorette” Ashley H. phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Friday to chat her love-seeking experience, this time around as the leading lady, as well as discusses her past experience with “The Bachelor” Brad Womack.

Ashley H. reveals, “yes I have to say I did [love Brad].” Yet, as for why then she didn’t reveal this on air? She confesses, “I think a big part of me was skeptical…I held back because I was nervous, I didn’t believe it, I was skeptical, and reflecting back, I realize that everything was very real but it was too late.” Although she may have felt it was too late then, Ashley however now admits, “after everything I’ve been through I realize Brad and I are probably not the best match.”

With Brad in her past, Ashley’s gotten another chance at love with “The Bachelorette,” a dating experience which she describes as, “different than real life — the guys are hand selected so…I think it’s definitely better, the guys I have been dating are great…I feel like they have been filtered for me.”

The premiere episode reveals an emotional Ashley which she explains as, “I think I went into it with some insecurities and very early on they were highlighted and brought to life.” Yet, Ashley does admit, “after going through it one time I know how to make it work,” adding the only way to go about the show is to, “go into it with an open mind…and make it real for you.”

As for the 25 eligible bachelors, Ashley says no one creeps her out, furthering, “I mean wait till you see these guys — they are gorgeous, great and smart, engaging, interesting…some people gave me the gooseys, I’ll tell you that.”

Upon hearing one guy in particular wears a mask when first meeting Ashley, she recalls, “at first I was a little curious what was gong on, but actually in theory it’s a pretty good idea to take your physical appearance out of the picture and really getting to know somebody”

Listen to the entire interview for more from Ashley H., like whether she’ll be ‘bedding’ any of the guys, as well as be sure to catch the premiere of “The Bachelorette”, Monday, May 23rd, @ 9 ET/PT on ABC.

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