Lady Gaga Recorded Album ‘Born This Way’ In Converted Tour Bus [AUDIO]

May 23, 2011 10:21 am

(Photo: Interscope)

The wait is finally over, little monsters!

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album has officially dropped today and if you ever wondered how Gaga managed to record new material while touring non-stop — Ryan’s got the answer!

As Ryan exclusively shares, “she recorded most of the album in a studio — on wheels.” Explaining, “after her shows she’d hop into a converted bus, that had a studio in it, and record tracks all night as they rolled down the highway to her next stop, and then early in the morning, they’d pull over and she’d get out of that converted bus and onto her sleeping bus and rest as much as she could until rolling into another city for another show.”

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If you got your little monster paws on the album today too, tweet Ryan at @ryanseacrest your thoughts!

Listen to the clip below for more from Ryan, direct from Hollywood, and if you want more Gaga, tune in to Letterman tonight