Dr. Phil Debunks Oprah’s Tequila Slide At Wrap Party [AUDIO]

May 24, 2011 9:43 am

One of television’s most well-known doctors, Dr. Phil, phoned in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to offer us some insight on Oprah Winfrey‘s final show, as well as revealed how they celebrated the end of the talk show queen’s reign.

Dr. Phil explains he deals with Oprah’s exit as, “I think of it this way — it’s like you live in a neighborhood and you have a really good friend who comes over everyday and you guys talk and drink coffee and catch up on everything. And then one day it’s like they’re like ‘I’m moving away’.”

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Since Dr. Phil is included in the much anticipated final show, he offers us how fans will feel after watching the final episode, revealing, “I think it will be very nostalgic for everyone.” Adding, “I think Oprah does everything with such dignity and class and I think that’s exactly how she is going to say goodbye and I think people will have a good feeling about the whole thing.” Although Dr. Phil remains positive about Oprah’s grand exit, he reminds us, “the good thing is there is the Oprah Winfrey Network!”

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When asked about the tequila slide party rumors, the doc clarified, “there was no tequila slide, that’s just not true.” Furthering, “but there was a big party in Chicago and it was a good time had by all and I tell you I don’t know where Oprah gets her energy, I got to bed at about 4 o’clock and she was still there.”

Listen to the full interview below to hear more from Dr. Phil, like how his friend’s heart stopped on the tennis court while Phil was interviewing Marlo Thomas, and be sure to check your local listings to catch “Dr. Phil” weekdays on OWN.

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