Laurieann Gibson Talks Secretly Dating Biz Partner In Upcoming ‘Dance Scene’ Finale [AUDIO]

May 24, 2011 8:35 pm

(Screenshot: E! Entertainment)

Check out the sneak peek of upcoming “The Dance Scene” finale, where Laurieann Gibson and her assistant Richard Jackson both confront one another about coming clean with their secrets!

Laurieann urges her assistant to finally come out and tell his family he is gay, and in turn, he then probes Laurieann herself as to when she’ll come clean about dating her business partner Joe Flip Wilson.

Laurieann offers Richard should simply confront his family with, “brother, father, mother — I’m gay.” Where Richard then shoots back and asks Laurieann why then she can’t just come clean then too.

Laurieann explains, “I’ve been secretly dating my business partner Joe Flip Wilson for four years.” Adding, “when you work together you don’t want the artist or production to think you guys cant handle your job — sometimes it’s just easier to be single in this business.”

Although Laurieann admits her and Joe are both, “ready to go public” she’s “still concerned about having anything affect everything we’ve worked for.”

Tune in to the finale of “The Dance Scene” MONDAY May 30th on E! @ 10:30pm to find out whether either confronts their fears and reveal their secrets.