Taio Cruz Explains Creative Process Behind New Track ‘Positive’ [AUDIO]

May 25, 2011 7:12 am

After last nights performance of “Positive” on part one of the “American Idol” finale, Taio Cruz stopped by the studio to chat “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Wednesday, and shared how he recorded the track “Positive,” as well as revealed who gets his ‘Idol’ vote!

Cruz explains he “co-wrote the song with people who enterd through Coca-Cola.” Detailing the process as, “we got thousands and thousands of submissions of lyrics from the people who went on americanIdol.com, afterward we went through with a team of people whittling them down to the ones we thought sounded really good. Sort of like the process of American Idol, and put then put out the best ones for people to vote on!”

Watch Taio Cruz Record Intro To “Positive” His First Crowdsourced Song [LINK]

As for the criteria the best were chosen by? Taio says, “people with good pop sensibility and people who could rhyme well.” Taio further shares, “I really wanted to write a song called ‘Positive’ — I’m all about the positivity and uplifting and feeling good and that’s what you get from my other songs like ‘Dynamite’.” If you missed the performance last night, you can hear the hit track below.

As for who Taio likes best out of the top 2 finalist, the singer admits, “I especially like Scotty’s voice.” Listen to the full interview to find out whats next for Taio, as well as the the musical connection between Jennifer Lopez and himself.
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