Lady Gaga Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘Edge of Glory’ For ‘Idol’ Performance [AUDIO]

May 26, 2011 8:34 am

Straight from the judges seat of ‘American Idol‘ to the Kiis FM studio to chat “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” Randy Jackson, came in to discuss the tenth ‘Idol finale he has been a part of. He says: “I think vocally, it was the best finale to date.” Randy also adds: “I love the fact it came down to Scotty and Lauren. I love the fact that they were our two youngest contestants and an all country final.”

Lady Gaga joined Randy to discuss her emotional ‘Idol’ finale performance of her new single, ‘Edge of Glory.’ Gaga explains the depth of the song, and the importance it means to her. She says when her Grandpa passed, it was her first experience with death ever. Gaga explains: “My Grandma said Joey [her Grandpa] just go. And we left the room and he died. And I remember he just gave this look to her that said ‘I won.’ Like i’m a champion.” She also adds, “So the ‘Edge of Glory’ is not just about falling in love or about dying, but it’s about being on the glorious edge of that glorious championship of your life.”

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Lady Gaga has also made it very clear that she loves her fans dearly, and they are part of what keeps her grounded. Even after all of her record-breaking success, she never forgets where she came from. She says: “I wake up in the morning everyday and I think about [her producer] Jimmy Iovine and I think about the fact that he gave me this opportunity and I still live in the same apartment I lived in 6 years ago.” Also adding, “It’s funny, when ‘Born This Way’ went to number one, it went to number one in like 90 minutes on iTunes, I said to myself, “Aww f*** yeah!’ Then a huge roach crawled on me. And then I was thinking to myself, this is exactly what I want. I did not get into this business for the money. I don’t care about the material things. I don’t do this because I want tons of attention. I did it because it was my destiny to be a performer and to be part of mobilizing the voice of my generation.”

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The Mother Monster continued saying, “I made a new record. I evolved sonically. I evolved thematically. I pushed myself. I worked with new guys that have never had hits before. I just pushed, and pushed, and pushed them until I knew that it was right. And for the fans to come with me and remain the same way that I have THATS the holy grail for me.”

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