Is Jennifer Aniston Caught In A Love Triangle With Justin Theroux & Heidi Bivens? [AUDIO]

May 31, 2011 10:05 am

Ken Baker, chief correspondent from E! News, reports from E! headquarters with the latest buzz from Hollywood regarding accusation that Jennifer Aniston may be breaking up Justin Theroux and his longtime girlfriend, Heidi Bivens. Ken reports, “Eveyone’s been asking if Jennifer Aniston is really caught in a love triangle. Here’s what’s going down. Stylist, Heidi Bivens, has been in a long time relationship with 39 year old actor Justin Theroux. Recently, Justin has been seen out dinning with Jennifer in Hollywood.”

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Ken continues, “I’ve found out from Heidi Bivens’ mom, who apparently would know, that Justin has told her there is nothing going on between him and Jennifer, and that the’re just friends. It’s a big misunderstanding.”

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Ken lays the vicious rumors to rest by declaring, “As of right now there is no love triangle, and hopefully Justin is on his best behavior!