Ryan Takes You Inside The World’s Most Exclusive Website [PHOTOS]

June 8, 2011 9:37 am

The frustration of not being able to get into the hottest nightclub in town has now surfaced online in a website that’s the talk of the web, TheWorldsMostExclusiveWebsite.com.

The VIP-only website is available only to Twitter’s elite who sport verified accounts and an elevated number of followers. Receiving over 25,000 hits in its first eight hours in existence, the site features different rooms that users are allowed access to based on how many Twitter followers they have.

Users who don’t meet the basic requirement of a verified status on Twitter are told “VERIFIED TWITTER ACCOUNTS ARE RESERVED FOR THE FAMOUS OR OTHERWISE SOCIALLY SIGNIFICANT. You are being redirected to a slightly less discriminating destination.” The website then directs them to the homepage for American-Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden.

Below is a list of the rooms that Ryan was able to access before getting shut down at the door that requires five million followers (Ryan is just South of that number with 4.6 million followers). Also listed are a selection of users who have also accessed each room:

Front Door: Verified Twitter
Door 2: 5,000 Followers (@JonahPeretti, @BuzzFeed, @PrinceAmukamara)
Door 3: 25,000 Followers (@PopEater, @DanZarrella, @HarvardUniversity)
Door 4: 100,000 Followers (@ChristianSiriano, @RyanHiga, @GuillermoCatalano)
Door 5: 500,000 Followers (@GeorgeLopez, @RyanSeacrest)
Door 6: 1,000,000 Followers (@RyanSeacrest)
Door 7: 5,000,000 Followers (EMPTY)

So are YOU important enough to get in? Test your social media clout and see how far you get in The World’s Most Exclusive Website. If you (like me) can’t even get into the front door, check out images of the first seven doors, thanks to Ryan’s online velvet rope skills.

Now that Ryan has made it farther than any other Twitter user, who will be the next social media socialite to break through that five million follower door? Will it be powerhouses Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber? Or perhaps President Barack Obama who doesn’t have trouble getting into much of anything? Keep your ears open and we’ll report new members as we find out!

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