Shania Twain Falls at CMT Music Awards, Sustains Sore Thumb [VIDEO]

June 9, 2011 8:17 am

Country singer Shania Twain lost her footing while walking on stage at Wednesday night’s CMT Music Awards and took a spill on the live awards show.

She took the stumble on the runway while on her way to present Best Male Performer, but recovered quickly to the applause and cheers of the crowd. When she arrived to stage, she laughed off the incident and presented the coveted award to Blake Shelton.

After arriving home following the awards show, Shania recorded a video to her YouTube channel where she recaps the spill and how she feels about the shoes that led to the fall.

“I just have to get all this adrenaline out because I just made a complete fool of myself and experienced one of life’s most embarrassing moments,” said Shania from a couch in what appears to be her home. “I didn’t hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb and that’s it.”

While in good spirits about the fall, Shania is feeling less kind towards the high heels she was wearing.

“I’m going to auction off those shoes, I’m going to get rid of them as soon as I can,” she explained in the video. “I never want to see those shoes again.”