Star Studded “Super 8″ Black Carpet Premiere & Review [PHOTOS]

June 10, 2011 5:35 pm

The “Super 8″ movie premiere played host to one of the most star studded “black carpets” of the summer.

Crowds gathered with Steven Spielberg murals, “Super 8″ posters, and cameras in hand to catch a glimpse of the stars of the film in Los Angeles, but were pleasantly surprised when director JJ Arbams brought some buddies along to show their support. The stars came by the truck loads (literally, SUV after SUV) in show of support for Abrams and Spielberg, ranging from funny man Bill Hader, to rocker Pete Wentz, to TV personality Conan O’Brien, to superstar Tom Cruise camera flashes were on overdrive.

While Kyle ChandlerRyan Lee, Gabriel Basso, Zach Mills, and Elle Fanning rocked the “black carpet”, it was main character and break through actor Joel Courtney and fellow co-star Riley Griffiths who the media was itching to get coverage on.

The film itself was as magical as the “black carpet”. Electrifying visual effects, filled with a prodigious cast of young talent pouring emotion, suspense, comedy, and nostalgia in every scene of this thriller. Spielberg dusted off his old E.T. wardrobe for this one, as it takes place in a small town in 1979 Ohio with a very similar fashion sense. Although most will have to wait till Friday June 10 for the “Super 8 Spoiler” to be revealed, take note that the film is essentially “The Goonies,” meets “Jurassic Park,” meets “E.T.” with all the epic magnitude, yet a strong sense of its own originality. Quite the trifecta and possibly the greatest formula for box office success.

“Super 8″ is an amazing thrill ride that brings back the old Spielberg film vibe that has long since been gone. Like jumping into a time machine to a simpler place, when kids were kids and got into trouble. The good, character building kind of trouble. “Super 8″ is a must see.

View the photo gallery below, and be sure to catch “Super 8″ in theatre’s everywhere June 10.