Joe Jonas Suggests Split with Ashley Greene Led To Emotional ‘See No More’ Lyrics [AUDIO]

June 14, 2011 10:39 am

Joe Jonas created quite a frenzy when he stopped by “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Tuesday to talk about his solo career, the new single ‘See No More’ and if the song was written about ex-girlfriend Ashley Greene?

Joe recently hit Chicago for his very first solo performance “It was my first time performing without my brothers. It was exciting, yet flying there I started getting those jitters, that feeling of oh crap, this is about to happen.” Joe added, “It is an interesting feeling, I’ve performed before by myself, but actually performing my stuff alone, solo, it was a new experience. It was a flash, it was 15 minutes on stage, I just wanted to keep going, because once I got into the rhythm I was feeling so comfortable, I loved it.”

No need to freak out, Joe ensured us that the Jonas Brothers will not be breaking up anytime soon. “Everybody is taking the time to do their own thing right now, we’re just on a break right now.”

“Nick is traveling and working on music all over the world and Kevin has some great opportunities that he doing in New York right now.” Joe says. Ryan recently saw Kevin and got a vibe that he was inching towards building a family. “I think they may be getting the itch to maybe have kids. They have gotten so many dogs now, they have 3 and every once in awhile I will get a picture of a new little fluff ball that I could put in my pocket. So, there is definitely an itch going on there,” Joe replies.

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Joe gave us the pleasure of hearing him sing a few bars of “See No More” in the studio, “You walked away from me baby, I would’ve never done the same.” Ryan inquired what was behind those lyrics.

“It’s an end of a chapter song,” explained Joe, 21. “It’s about a break-up and going through situations where everything reminds you of the person.” When asked if this chapter was about ex-girlfriend, “Twilight” star Ashley Greene, Joe replied “I don’t want to name names, because then I think people are not going to be able to say ‘Hey I can relate to that’ if I say it, but they can determine who it is.”

“Heartache is never easy to go through, but you have to go through situations to have product to write about,” says Joe, who split with Ashley in March after they reportedly drifted apart due to busy work schedules.

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The new album isn’t only about relationships and heartache though, as Joe says his influences stemmed from hip hop and Latin music and everything in between.

“['See No More'] is one of the only slower songs on the record. A lot of them are about being 21 and going out with your friends and enjoying life,” Joe says.

When asked about Nicks romance with Australian beauty Delta Goodrem, “They’re getting close. I don’t want to speak on his behalf. I was hanging out with them last night. Since, they are not here, I don’t want to get in trouble, I could get a phone call tomorrow,” Joe said jokingly. “They seem happy, so I’m happy for whatever is going on.”

Listen to the full interview below and click here to get “See No More” on iTunes. Joe’s album is due out in stores Septmeber 6, 2011.