Do Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew Still Hook-Up? [AUDIO]

June 15, 2011 1:53 pm

On Wednesday the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” staff royally welcomed first time guest Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York into the studio.

The Duchess gave some insight on being setup, her relationship with ex-husband Prince Andrew, her feelings on not being invited to “The Royal Wedding,” and her show “Finding Sarah.”

Ferguson told Ryan Seascrest about the infamous scandal that has been looming over her for about a year now regarding a business venture gone wrong. “Scandal? The “News Of The World” tabloid setup you mean? When someone pretended to be a business investor, who wanted to invest in my business and my charity work” she told Ryan. “I was trying too hard to get all the bills paid and get all my staff paid, that I did a huge lapse of judgement, by not thinking and just running.” Ferguson elaborated why she made the decision to do business with a sketchy partner.

Is Ferguson still getting hot and heavy with ex-husband Prince Andrew? No, but their relationship is still a very interesting one, as she explains to Ryan. “I live in his guest room when I’m in England, but I travel all over the world. We are totally united as parents.” The duchess also explained how she is still honoring her vows, “It means that when I walked down the aisle with him, I agreed to love him, and always follow him, and be with him, and support him till death do us part, and I think both of us, obviously cause we’re divorced from each other there is one vow we don’t do, but everything else we follow no matter what.”

A still very upset Ferguson expressed to the “On Air” crew her feelings about not being invited to “The Royal Wedding.” “It was so sad that I didn’t want to see it, so I went to Thailand. No radio, no television, and just the wonderful world of nature. I couldn’t watch it, I was so sad. I looked at it and felt such regret.”

Lastly, Ferguson discussed her new show “Finding Sarah” and the difficulties of making a show about her life. “Bearing yourself completely open and real in front of the whole world is really hard. I found it difficult to watch episode 1 because I think ‘Sarah how did you do that?'” She said, especially about her encounter with Dr. Phil and how he essentially broke down where her emotions come from.”

To catch the entire heartfelt interview listen below and watch “Finding Sarah” Sunday’s at 9/8c on OWN.

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