AT 40 Focus: Britney Spears Invites Marines That Made Video To Her Concert [Video]

June 17, 2011 4:05 pm

The wait is finally over, Britney Spears has embarked on her “Femme Fatale” concert tour.

We found out that when the summer tour hits Anaheim, CA next week, there will be some very ‘special guests’ in the crowd.

A few months ago a group of Marines based in Afghanistan made a fan video of them lip-syncing to Britney’s hit “Hold it Against Me.” They posted it to YouTube and it blew up! It got 3.4 million hits and one of those viewers was Brit Brit herself.

She loved the video so much that she is giving all the Marines in the video a chance of a lifetime. She invited them all to bring a guest to the concert and Britney want to meet them all backstage!

The “Femme Fatale” tour is definitely not to be missed, you can expect to see bikes, ninja’s and Egyptians!