Chris Powell Of ‘Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition’ Reveals The Best Way To Keep Fat Off [AUDIO]

June 27, 2011 8:07 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Chris Powell from “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” on Monday to discuss this edition of “Extreme Makeover” and the most effective way to keep fat off the body.

Summer is here and people are walking, running, and swimming to try to get that perfect beach body. Chris gives his insight to which is the most efficient way to get that beach body.

“I would say running up a hill. Anytime that it is going to be weight bearing, where you are going to be loading the biggest muscles in your body, which is going to be your glutes, your quads, and your hams, which are all in your legs. That is what is going to burn the most calories, but because of the whole time efficiency thing, the most important thing you can really focus on is nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. That is the foundation,” Chris reveals.

Chris is not only a trainer, to the people that he really a motivational and inspirational life coach.

“These are individuals hate themselves, they don’t believe in themselves. It’s a step by step process to building up their integrity, building up their self worth again and they realize how amazing they really are.”

Chris explains how he takes his clients from that dark low place and transforms them into that powerful person they become.

“It is as simple as showing them what they are truly capable of doing. Most of these people, they don’t think they can do anything. Because they have failed so many times in their life, that so many of them are comfortable with it. Until I can pull them up out of that hole and show them how powerful they really are and give them challenges, make them commit to fulfilling thing in their lives, and as they fulfill those commitments they build their self esteem.”

Chris continues, “One step at a time and it build and builds and builds until we create something that we like to call integrity momentum. Where they fulfill promise after promise after promise to a point that they can’t not fulfill a promise. If you show me somebody who fulfills all these promises that they make to themselves, I’ll show you someone who is extremely effective and extremely powerful in life.”

You can see Chris in action on “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

Listen to the full interview below.