Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Highly-Anticipated ‘War Horse’ Debuts Online [VIDEO]

June 30, 2011 11:22 am

Following much buzz about the play “War Horse” at The Tony’s, we’re now getting our first look at Steven Speilberg‘s film adaptation of the celebrated novel about the bond between boy and horse.

Based in rural England and Europe during the first World War, “War Horse” tells the story of a friendship between a horse named Joey and a young boy named Albert, who tames and trains the animal. When Joey and Albert are forcibly separated, the film takes viewers through the journey of the horse as he travels through the war, changing the lives of the people he meets including British Calvary, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter.

“War Horse” hits theatres December 28, 2011 — check out the full trailer below!