Donnie Wahlberg Confesses To ‘Going Commando’ & Jordan Knight Reflects on Forgetting Lyrics [AUDIO]

July 1, 2011 9:12 am

Shortly after the world premiere of “Stingy” Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight called into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about the ongoing New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys — collectively, NKOTBSB — reunion concert tour that kicked off earlier this month, and the subsequent concert during a torrential downpour at Fenway Park. The boy band members also reflect on how they once all occupied one tour bus, and what Donnie prefers to wear onstage!

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Donnie makes fun of Jordan for forgetting the lyrics to one of their own songs saying, “He [Jordan] sang the wrong ‘O’s’ for ‘The Right Stuff!‘ He was singing the ‘O’s’ from ‘Hanging Tough!’ Its the only song we have that all the lyrics are ‘O’s’!” Jordan clarifies saying, “I went to ‘first time was a great time’ instead of ‘first kiss was a sweet kiss!”

Ryan solicited questions from the NKOTBSB fans on Facebook and posed the embarrassing question to Donnie asking, “Donnie, will you be wearing boxers or briefs on stage tonight at Staples Center?” Donnie coyly answered, “Um…I’ve finally come around to wearing…neither. Its just the jeans.”

Another posed the question asking, “Is it true you all say goodnight to each other Walton style?” They respond, “We use to all share one single bus. It was five ‘New Kids,’ two body guards, and a road manager. All of us packed on one bus. We use to stick our heads out of the curtains and just do the Waltons saying ‘Goodnight’.”

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The boy band members discussed their recent performance before a packed Fenway Park audience during a torrential downpour which would derail any other concert, but it hardly dampened the spirits of the bands or their enthusiastic fans! Watch the video below to catch all the boys sliding down the concert stage as a slip-n-slide!

Jordan reflects saying, “Being at Fenway Park was a dream come true for us Boston boys. Rain has always been to good us. The first time we performed after 15 years on ‘The Today Show’ it was pouring rain. We just went with it, and it ended up making us look like troopers.”

Listen to the full interview below to learn about the recent charity the boys visited, and don’t forget NKOTBSB will be performing in front of a sold out crowd at Staples Center 7:30 tonight!