Marilyn Monroe Portrait Made of Lipstick Kisses [VIDEO]

July 8, 2011 10:05 am

Now that is one pretty pout! Texas artist Natalie Irish has become an internet phenomenon after the worldwide web found her unusual and beautiful portraits of various celebrities. What’s so striking about her artwork is the fact that she uses only her lips and some lipstick to create them! The video below details how she does it.

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Natalie has been creating artwork from the tender age of five but when a debilitating and misunderstood disease caused her to be bedridden at a hospital for weeks, she found she could not engage in the artistic activities she loved. With the strength and determination of a true artist, Natalie got creative and began making her famous and innovative pucker portraits. We’re sure Miss Monroe would love this lipstick image of herself! Feel free to watch the entire video below to see her process.

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