A Little Michael Jackson Fan Dances At Safeco Field [VIDEO]

July 11, 2011 11:50 am

We all try and dance like Michael Jackson, but it never seems to be anything like him. Until, a little boy shows us that is not impossible. The crowd and the players cheer on as the kid does the whole “Thriller” dance by Michael Jackson.

Safeco Field got crazy when a kid started dancing to “Thriller“. Everyone laugh and cheered on as the kid was very good at the dance. He seems to be very inspired by the legend Michael Jackson. Only, if we could all dance like this.

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Michael Jackson has been a huge impact on the dance and music industry since he was a kid. He inspires people like this kid to push things to the extreme in dancing and whatever you do. After, Michael past away his fans seemed to extremely grow. Now, all of his work will be forever remembered.

From the dancing to the supporting crowd, this is what a baseball game should be like! So, let’s bring back the baseball spirit and the crowds that used to go. If, a kid can bring his all to a game, why can’t the people who say they are real fans go and do the same?

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