Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Talks About Surviving ‘Carmageddon’ [AUDIO]

July 11, 2011 9:16 am

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stopped by the On Air with Ryan Seacrest studio on Monday morning to talk about “Carmageddon,” which is the nicknamed penned for the closure of the 405 freeway this weekend, July 16 and 17, and what we can do to survive the weekend.

Mayor Villaraigosa gave of the rundown of what we can expect during the early stages of “Carmageddon” on the evening of July 15th, and how to help everyone prepare for its effects.

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“Friday July 15 at 7pm we are going to start closing the off ramps between the 101 and the 405, by 10pm they’ll close traffic lanes and by midnight they will close the entire freeway. The freeway will be closed until Monday July 18th at 5am and the ramps won’t be re-opened in that area until 6am. This is 53 long hours.”

Mayor Villaraigosa had some suggestions for what people can do during this time “We are asking people to stay home, we are asking them to BBQ, to listen to re-runs of Ryan Seacrest, they should get on a bike, walk, but you just don’t want to be in that area.”

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However, for those who do have to go into the area, Mayor Villaraigosa is recommending public transportation.”You can use the subway for free as well as the buses in the valley and on the west side and in the west valley area. You can go to the MTA website to get more information, but you will be able to use public transportation for free during that 53 hour period.”

Mayor Villaraigosa also explained that every effort will be made to get project done by Monday. There will be a unified command center set up and Mayor Villaraigosa will actually be there from time to time on Saturday and Sunday.

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Mayor Villaraigosa has reached out to Lance Armstrong and other celebrities, and he has asked them to tweet to help spread the word. Other celebrities that have also tweeted about “Carmageddon” include, Ashton Kutcher, Kris Jenner, and Kim Kardashian.

“We need to inform the public to make sure that this goes and smoothly as possible. It doesn’t have to be “Carmageddon,” in fact this could go rather smoothly if people just take heed of the fact that we are going to close a section of the freeway that everybody uses.”