Pia Toscano’s Top Six Performances [VIDEO]

July 11, 2011 9:13 am

When the gorgeous Pia Toscano was cut from the top 20 on American Idol, everyone was shocked. Not only is she gorgeous and stylish, but she is also out-of-this-world talented. Her classically beautiful voice is so versatile- from an eccentric Lady Gaga hit to a sweet folksy Ingrid Michaelson melody, Pia sounds amazing singing anything and everything! Fortunately for her audiences, Pia continues to pursue her dreams of becoming a renowned singer by posting past and current performances on YouTube.

6. Paparazzi
Her crystal clear voice adds a new dimension to the Gaga song Paparazzi, and her take on this hit is unlike any we’ve heard.

5. I’ll Stand By You
Pia’s powerful cover of this classic stole the judges hearts and is a true testament to her talent.

4. Grenade
During the Hollywood group auditions, Pia stood out when her threesome harmonized on their version of Bruno MarsGrenade.

3. Rehab
While we’re sure Pia doesn’t take after the wild and defiant Amy Winehouse, we think her cover of the tune is competition for the original!

2. The Way I Am
This short and sweet song by Ingrid Michaelson is perfect for the pretty Pia!

1. Bleeding Love
This is by far one of Pia’s most stunning accomplishments. Her soulful take on the Leona Lewis song Bleeding Love is absolutely phenomenal!