Six Reasons Why We Love Demi Lovato [VIDEO]

July 12, 2011 12:54 pm

This year has been a tough one for Disney actress Demi Lovato. After being honest with herself and going public with her fans about her struggles, Demi checked herself into rehab and began on her road to recovery. Demi was able to recognize that she had a problem and expressed the strength and courage she needed to seek help. After spending four months in treatment, Miss Lovato is back to making music we love and is glowing with her newfound health and passion. This talented and strong pop princess is one of our favorite young starlets…here’s why:

1. Demi and Selena Gomez make the cutest BFF’s ever!
When they started posting funny skits on YouTube, we knew we’d be obsessed with Demi in no time! We love how these two are superstar celebrities in reality, but when they’re together they’re just two goofy girls!

2. She has AMAZING style!
If anyone knows their way around a clothing store, it’s Demi Lovato. Her alternative-edgy style makes for some rocker-glam outfits that she pulls off so well. Demi is always looking fab!

3. She’s charitable!
Demi is involved with six different charities- talk about altruistic! She hopes to raise awareness about disadvantaged, sick, injured, and abused children, teenagers, and families. This photo was taken at the “A Day Made Better” event last year, where Demi worked to campaign and raise awareness about public school budget cuts and lack of supplies for students in classrooms. Aw, Demi!

4. She dated Joe Jonas!
We are so jealous! Demi and the cute Jo Bro maintained a short and sweet romance before filming “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” Although the two broke up after only three months, they remain close friends.

5. She’s Real!
Despite being a huge celeb, Demi always remembers to stay modest, humble, and real with herself and her fans. After recognizing her problems, she sought treatment for her issues so she could be a healthy and happy role model. This Disney princess has definitely been through a lot, but she didn’t let it get her down. Her positive attitude during her obstacles is really admirable and makes us love her even more.

6. She is inspired!
Demi used her adversity to inspire her. We hate that she had a rough patch, but her new song “Skyscraper” is amazing! It tells the story about how she grappled with insecurities and the pressures of Hollywood. In the end, though, Demi realizes the power in staying true to herself and being confident in her own skin. Amen to that, Demi!