Ryan Seacrest Announces The Winner Of Helicopter Ride To Avoid ‘Carmageddon’ [AUDIO]

July 15, 2011 8:40 am

The nightmare of “Carmageddon” is now only hours away and most of us are just going to stay in and deal with it, but for some it happens to be the weekend they are planning to do something special or something really big is happening in their life and “Carmageddon’ is kind of putting a damper on things.

Ryan Seacrest and Commander Chuck decided that they wanted to help, and figured out a solution for people stuck in this situation. The solution was easy, they would use Commander Chucks helicopter. Commander Chuck would fly them over the “Carmageddon” closure and make sure that they miss the special event in their life.

We had people send in their stories of what was going on in their life. We got tons of submissions, but there could only be one winner. The winner that was selected sent in this heart-warming email:

Dear Ryan,

My boyfriend and I started out as friends, years ago and while he was home on leave seven months ago from the US Military we decided to take the plunge and start dating. The hardest part is that he is currently stationed in another country, so I’m sure you can guess how little we get to see each other, besides on skype. Finally, after months of being away, he gets to come home for two weeks before he has to return. on Saturday night he’ll be flying back home to the US and I am supposed to be picking him up from LAX, right off the 405. The only problem is that I live in Whittier and his home is in Simi Valley, which are on complete opposite sides of LA. I couldn’t think of any better way to surprise him, than to show up at LAX with a helicopter ride home.

– Sarah Fernandez in Whittier -

Ryan called and congratulated Sarah and told her the great news. Sarah was very excited to hear the news and Commander Chuck was on the line to work out the details.

“I will of course meet them at LAX, I know that he is coming in on a flight at midnight. Then I’ll take Sarah and her fiance, we’ll fly them over the Sepulveda Pass look down and see the work taking place and then head into the valley.”

Sarah and her boyfriend are not engaged, but after this weekend maybe there could be a proposal in the near future!

Listen to the entire call below!