Neil Patrick Harris Has Smurf Names For His Twins [VIDEO]

July 15, 2011 2:27 pm

Neil Patrick Harris is set and ready to take over AT40 for the weekend (July 16th and 17th), while “carmageddon” will be in full affect. Along with counting down the the Top 40 songs NPH will be answering questions from fans directly and giving details on his new film” The Smurfs.”

The father-of-two adorable twins has given them Smurf names. “Gideon would be Stout Smurf, because he’ like ‘grrrr.’ Harper’s just like Beautiful Smurf. She’s an eye-batter right now. She’s wanting to hug  and smile and get a smile back, so she’s very good at it,” Neil said.

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Be sure to tune in to AT40 this weekend to catch NPH’s guest hosting skills, catch the trailer for “The Smurfs” below and watch the film when it hits theaters everywhere July 29th.