‘Carmageddon’ Flyover Winners Get Bird’s-Eye View of 405 Bridge Demolition [VIDEO]

July 18, 2011 7:16 am

This past weekend, Carmageddon was supposed to have the city of L.A. on its knees, causing massive gridlock across Southern California, leading people to be late to numerous scheduled events and throwing a wrench in their livelihoods. To prepare for the event, Ryan went so far as to call upon his trusted L.A. traffic reporter Commander Chuck Street to award one lucky winner a chance to fly over the madness by helicopter — only problem is, Carmageddon didn’t happen.

After L.A. streets and freeways were clear of any signs of traffic, ‘Carmageddon’ was downgraded to ‘Carmaheaven’ and Angelenos were praising the work the City and the contractors who worked on the construction. Despite the lack of anything close to a carpocalypse, Ryan’s winner, Sara Fernandez, still took flight in KIIS-FM’s chopper, picking up her boyfriend John from LAX and flying to the San Fernando Valley. John had just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and Somalia in the Army and had no idea about Sara’s surprise, let alone Carmageddon. Watch his reaction to the surprise below: