Watch ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer! [VIDEO]

July 19, 2011 1:02 pm

The Amazing Spiderman” trailer was accidentally leaked released this morning, and boy does it look good! Lacking familiar faces (i.e. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst) this new all-star cast will still impress audiences. The movie, out July 3rd, 2012, has a pretty exceptional looking trailer. It’s based on the Marvel comic book about an unsuspecting boy who, after being bitten by a mysterious radioactive spider, gains exceptional superhero powers, allowing him to score the girl of his dreams as well as save a city in peril.

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The spider’s nerdy victim Peter Parker is played by a usually suave Andrew Garfield of The Social Network. Some Spidey-fans might notice slight differences in this version of the comic book favorite include the tone of “The Amazing Spiderman” which is much darker than Tobey Maguire’s “Spider-Man.” It seems that the filmmakers wanted to make the story less like a comic book and more like a realistic occurrence by darkening the vibe of the film.

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Emma Stone plays the character of “Gwen Stacy” which is one of the original love interests of Peter Parker who later fights Mary-Jane Watson for the affections of the web slinger. Interestingly, we see that Peter and Gwen have a relationship at the lab where he is bitten.

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Richard Parker, played by Campbell Scott, gives the unknowingly farewell to the pint-sized Parker saying, “Your going to have to stay with your grandparents for a little while. You’ll be safer.” Indicating that perhaps the main storyline follows “The Amazing Spider-man” more closely then previously anticipated in which Mr. Parker must make the difficult decision to continue his dangerous cancer research with Kurt Conners and Eddie Brock’s father. The Parkers die suspiciously in a plane crash according to the re-telling of the methos.

In a short scene with Aunt May played by Sally Field asking, “Peter, what’s going on” which may indicate that Aunt May could possibly be within the circle of trust from the beginning. Refocusing the story of Spider-man from keeping his abilities a secret from his family, which was also central storyline in the previous trilogy, to his family assisting Peter bear the brunt of his responsibility. I’m a fan of this after all it is a coming of age story with a slight superhero twist, NOT a family drama centered around one special character! Hopefully we will be allowed to see Peter mature with the help of his family as best he can!

Peter confides in Dr. Kurt Conner’s as something of a surrogate father, and reveals his abilities in an attempt to not only better understand his abilities but to perhaps either assist on finish his fathers research.