Hugh Jackman Announces New ‘The Wolverine’ Villain

July 22, 2011 11:00 am

At the “Real Steel” truck event in San Diego California’s Comic-Con earlier today, Hugh Jackman announced some very important details on new “The Wolverine” film. He announced the much anticipated villain he will be fighting. His nemesis of this next film is going to be The Silver Samurai.

Now to most hard core comic fans, this is a very good choice as the Silver Samurai is a very unique, strong fan backing and interesting dynamic of a character created by Marvel.

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Although the Silver Samurai made his debut as a villain to Daredevil and Spider man in early comics, it was his love hate relationship with Wolverine that showed symbolism of strong moral understandings and quarrels that many humans have to deal with in the real world. SS’s flip flopping from bad guy to good guy in many situations gives him less of a superhero stigma and more of a human being feel.

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The full cast has yet to be determined, along with its director and has been pushed back to a 2012 release date. However, this shows that Marvel wants to do this film right (possibly compete with Batman) and the comic book in which the film is based tells of Wolverine falling in love with a Yakuza heiress. One can only imagine the drama and butt kicking that will unfold with that little detail.