Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman Talk R-Rated Body Switching [AUDIO]

July 22, 2011 9:04 am

Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about how both the movie stars first met many years ago, and what their first reactions were to the idea of another ‘body switching’ movie in “The Change-Up.” Most interestingly, we get a sample of the films comedy which involved our very own Ryan Seacrest.

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“The Change-Up” stars Jason Bateman who plays the character of ‘Dave,’ a family man with screaming babies who thinks the grass may be greener on the other side. Jason stars alongside of Ryan Reynolds who portrays ‘Mitch,’ a single guy having fun with the ladies.

Both stars offer their opinion on the notion that all married men soon after matrimony find themselves complaining about their situation, whereas their single friends are on a mission to find ‘the one’ and eventually become the complaining married man!

Jason laments the situation saying, “It’s a paradox. It clearly answers the question who is smarter men or women? We men are not a bright breed. We always think its greener on the other side.” Ryan laughingly adds, “we are the assistant pastry chefs in life. We knead the dough, and squeeze the tube. We should just be banished to an island of stupid hobbies.”

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Jason explains his first reaction to “The Change-Up” as “Who the hell needs another to do another body switching movie? But the writers of “The Hangover” and director of “The Wedding Crashers” dragged the concept right through the gutter, and they freshened it up with a bunch of R-rated stuff.” Ryan happily adds, “It’s not your fathers ‘Freaky Friday.’ Its really everything you wished they would’ve shown in a body switching movie comedy which is the stuff that would actually happen.”

Ryan recollects about first meeting Jason saying, “I’ve known Jason Bateman since I was 19, and he was the first guy that was nice to me in Los Angeles when I moved here. I’m sure he was drunk and high at the time. So I had a great first experience with him.” Jason remembers the first time they met, but adds a less then thrilling memory, “I actually had thrown up on a guy, and there was Ryan to help me clean it up.”

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“The Change-Up” even had a joke which Reynolds even tells Seacrest that sadly ended up on the cutting room floor, “Jason’s character asks me at the beginning of the movie, ‘How stoned are you?’ To which my character responds, ‘On a scale of Ryan Seacrest to Wilie Nelson I’m just north of Harrison Ford.” Ryan’s response? “If that funny got cut this movie is very very funny!”

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