Watch Best Proposals Caught On Tape [VIDEO]

July 22, 2011 3:07 pm

Every little girl dreams of the day she meets her knight in shining armor and falls madly in love forever. The next dream is for that guy to propose to her in the most romantic of ways; a billboard perhaps, through a fireworks display, or sky writing.

What could ensure a yes more than an elaborate proposal? Get the tissues handy and check out the top 5 most unbelievably romantic proposals we could find!

Man Proposes To Girlfriend with Giant NYC Mural [VIDEO]

1. Movie Trailer Tears
Whoever thought you would be brought to tears even before the movie starts? Matt popped the question to Ginny in a movie trailer featuring him asking Ginny’s father for her hand in marriage. She said yes in a theater filled with family, friends and about 100 strangers!

2. Happily Ever After
This man proved there is more than one reason Disneyland is referred to as the ‘happiest place on earth’! He proposed to his girlfriend at the magical kingdom one year after they met. Keeping with the Disney theme, he popped the question in a well rehearsed musical number that could rival any Disney show!

3. Lights! Camera! Proposal!
This was not a typical work day for Ted and Anna! Ted popped the question on the set of the NBC hit “Scrubs”. He tells her he hasn’t stopped smiling since they met and after watching this proposal we can can’t stop smiling either!

4. A Shot Gun Wedding
This man relieved his fiance of all wedding planning stress. Justin proposed on the Fox show “Mobbed” with the help of hundreds of people! Upon saying yes, he surprised his new fiance with an impromptu wedding on the spot!

5. Falling In Love
Josh gave new meaning to the phrase ‘falling in love’ with his proposal. After 4 years together, Josh wanted to show Brooke he is still full of surprises! Watch to see Brooke’s reaction to a proposal that soars to new heights!