‘Captain America’ Hunk Chris Evans Is Single! [AUDIO]

July 25, 2011 12:01 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Actor Chris Evans is getting a lot praise for his role in “Captain America” and one of things he is most getting props for is his physical transformation in the movie from skinny weakling to buff superhero!

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Chris was already ripped before, but this time around he gained serious muscle mass with an intensive workout routine in order to really fit the look of “Captain America” as portrayed in the comics.

However, in early scenes of the movie, his physical transformation was actually enhanced with some digital special effects, but they didn’t add more muscle. Instead they made his body look smaller and even more shocking than that, believe it or not he’s also single! Ladies, that means “Captain America” is also “Captain Available!”

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Other actors that have also gained serious muscle mass for a movie role include:

Chris Hemsworth for “Thor”
Ryan Reynolds for “Blade: Trinity”
Gerard Butler for “300”
Christian Bale for “Batman Begins”
Jake Gyllenhaal for “Prince of Persia”