Listen To Cobra Starship’s New Single ‘#1Nite’ [AUDIO]

July 26, 2011 2:04 pm

Cobra Starship just came out with their new single “#1Nite” and we’re totally digging it! The band took a step away from their usual pop rock and wholeheartedly embraced the new obsession with autotune and everything electric. The result? This electro-dance tune that is impossible to not tap your feet to! With this new single, we think Cobra Starship will be gaining a lot of new fans. Instead of just being blasted out of angsty teenagers iPod headphones, we could actually imagine going crazy to “#1Nite” on the dancefloor at a club!

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This new change of pace for Cobra Starship is really cool, and we’re looking forward to hearing the rest of their new songs off of their album Night Shades, due out sometime this summer. How do you feel about Cobra’s new sound?