Lady Gaga Cries Over A ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Routine [VIDEO]

July 28, 2011 9:08 am

Lady Gaga
, the normally straight faced “Mother Monster,” revealed a rarely seen emotional side after viewing a touching dance routine while guest judging on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ Gaga began to weep after Marko Germar and Season 7 finalist Allison Holker performed a very beautiful and fluid contemporary dance to Jeff Buckley‘s “I Know It’s Over.” At first, the music superstar was so choked up that all she could manage to say was a short, “I’m so proud of you” to the dancer.

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After regaining her composure, she went on to tell Marko just how much the dance hit home with her. Apparently, it helped bring to the surface some memories of her youth that she’d rather not remember. Despite the old demons it brought to mind, it seems that Gaga felt watching the dance was a healing and cathartic experience, not a painful one. The pop star’s willingness to open up to the audience and Marko is very sweet. Her tearful compliments were unexpected, considering the fact that she was able to kill a man without so much as a blink of an eye in her Paparazzi music video. Turns out, Lady Gaga isn’t the tough and stony star we imagined her to be. Her avant-garde make up, on the other hand, has got to be as tough as a body builder if it can stay perfectly in place through all of her tears!