Miley Cyrus Wants To Be The New ‘Angelina Jolie’ [AUDIO]

July 28, 2011 12:01 am

Disney star turned bad girl Miley Cyrus has recently stated that she wants be the “new Angelina Jolie.” Apparently, the pop star admires Angie’s charity work and wishes to model herself after the altruistic actress.

Does Miley Cyrus Still Live At Home? [AUDIO]

To start, Miley has expressed an interest in working with numerous overseas charities and has even planned a trip to Haiti for later this year. According to a secret source, Miley plans on spending a lot of time there.

Is Miley Cyrus Heading Into Studio To Begin New Album Soon [AUDIO]

It’s refreshing to see the Hannah Montana starlet show an interest in something other than partying.