Lindsay Lohan Gets Interviewed By A Squirrel? [VIDEO]

August 1, 2011 12:09 pm

Lindsay Lohan has finally developed a sense of humor about her bizarre theft of a necklace she definitely could afford. In an interview with “Air New Zealand‘s” squirrel/rat thing, Rico, she offers him some words of encouragement regarding Kim Kardashian. Apparently, the creature is feeling discouraged about his chances with the Armenian bombshell now that she’s getting married, so he turned to LiLo for some advice. The troubled actress told Rico that she’s sure the two can be friends.

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Rico then went on to perform an unsuccessful hypnosis on Lindsay, who quickly fell asleep instead of waking up to sing her favorite song in the style of Marilyn Monroe at his command.

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The two chit chatted a little more, and at the end of their interview, he gave her a gift of diamond earrings and quickly reassured her that they had been paid for. Lindsay laughed at his joke, and thanked him for the gift. It’s nice to see that she, at the very least, has a sense of humor about her theft!