Jay-Z and Kanye West Release Snippet For ‘Watch The Throne’ Tour [VIDEO]

August 5, 2011 1:03 pm

Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped a 20 second teaser for their highly anticipated “Watch The Throne” tour this Friday. The black-and-white video shows flashing images of both artists holding a mic looking focused ready to rock the crowd. It quickly edits to darkness and screaming fans, then leaves everyone amped when it finishes.

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Although the tour has been reschedule, dates have been removed and yet to be re-announced along with the joint LP being set for release this Monday Aug 8th.the “Watch The Throne” tour is an event of epic proportions that will be one for the record books, whenever it comes.

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Watch the video below, buy the LP Monday and be on the lookout for the new tour dates.