Justin Bieber’s Most Offensive Oufit & Our Top 5 Recommendations To Replace It [PHOTO]

August 5, 2011 11:56 am

Justin Bieber threw a little sass into his outfit when he went shopping at the Sunset Plaza in LA yesterday. The teen heartthrob was spotted sporting a potentially offensive teal T-shirt that reads “F*** You and F*** Her, Too.” We’re hoping this sassy T is just a reference to the popular song by Cee Lo Green. What do you think of The Biebs new shirt? Funny or foul? While we’re sure his T shirt is just a joke, here’s five outfits we’d rather see the singer wearing!

5. Real Men Wear Pink!

Justin Bieber rocks a pink cardigan and looks simply dashing in his casual yet put together outfit.

4. The Dark Knight

The Biebs looks like a suave stud in his all black get-up. We like him in this outfit because it’s sleek and sophisticated but still young and cool.

3. Gettin’ Graphic!

We like the “Baby” singers mix of casual but high fashion pieces. The graphic T with the smart white blazer and jeans looks comfortable and fashionable.

2. The Biebs Goes Green!

Justin Bieber is spotted wearing a super comfy looking green jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. We love this look because it seems like something an average high school kid would wear.

1. Rock & Roll!

Justin adds a little grunge into his outfit with this look! The denim vest and sunglasses make him look like a true rockstar. This look is a bit more rugged than his previous ones, but we love this change of pace!