Rebecca Black Joins Katy Perry On Stage For ‘Friday’ Duet Before Winning ‘Choice Web Star’ At TCA [VIDEO]

August 8, 2011 12:13 pm

The newest YouTube star, Rebecca Black is mostly known for her infamous song “Friday” which had over 1 million views in a single night and racked up over 100 million views overall. After receiving so much criticism for “Friday.” Rebecca Black has learned to laugh at it and poke fun at the song herself. Rebecca Black joined Katy Perry in the summer hit “Last Friday Night (TGIF),” and in my opinion, Katy Perry has helped re-shape Rebecca Black’s career and put her in a more positive light.

Rebecca Black Viral Video “Friday” [VIDEO]

At the ‘Teen Choice Awards’, Rebecca Black took home the surfboard for ‘Choice Web Star’, and she is finally blowing up in a more posititve light than when she skyrocketed to fame from ‘Friday’. I assume many awards are on the horizon for Rebecca Black if she continues on the road she is on.

Rebecca Black recently debuted her new song, “My Moment” and showed the world that when given the right advantages, is able to start reaching her potential. In her new song, “My Moment”, Rebecca Black’s voice is amazing and is a complete 180 from “Friday”.

Rebecca Black Surprised By Her Own Billboard [PHOTO]

Rebecca Black joined Katy Perry onstage for a duet at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles for Perry’s Friday Night concert. The YouTube star shocked the audience when she walked on stage to join Katy Perry in the chorus to her song “Friday”.

Rebecca Black Releases “My Moment” Music Video [VIDEO]

Do you think Rebecca Black will ever be able to move on from her “Friday” music video? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check out Rebecca and Perry’s debut below!