Drew Barrymore Directs Miranda Cosgrove For Extended Cut of Best Coast’s ‘Our Deal’ Music Video [VIDEO]

August 9, 2011 7:20 am

After spending most of her life in front of the camera, Drew Barrymore has decided to spend some time behind the scenes in the director’s chair. Drew has already directed two films, one documentary titled “Choose or Lose Presents: The Best Place to Start” and the ‘Juno‘-style indie flick, ‘Whip it.’ She joined On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to discuss her most recent project: a music video for the up and coming band ‘Best Coast.’

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For most music listeners, Best Coast remains an undiscovered gem, a band on the verge of breaking out and making it big. Drew told us how she first learned about the unique indie pop group: “I found out about them last year and I kept ‘Shazam-ing‘ the band everytime I’d walk in somewhere,” she said. “They’d keep coming up [on Shazam]! So I bought their album, fell in love, bought tickets to there concert, went, met the band afterwards. It was a bit of a love fest but MTV a few months later asked me if I’d like to direct a video for them and the caveat was that the band wouldn’t be in the video.” Eager to impress, Drew decided to “one up herself” and direct an eleven minute short film in addition to the music video. For a first timer, she did an exceptional job.

The music video is primarily for the catchy song ‘Our Deal‘ and tells the story of two warring gangs, the Day Trotters and the Night Catchers. As their respective names suggests, one gang roams the streets during the day while the other prefers the darkness of night. After the Day Trotters badly beat up a Night Catcher member (Miranda Cosgrove), chaos ensues. Meanwhile, a Night Catcher member (Chloe Moretz) falls in love with a Day Trotter (Tyler Posey), and so begins the story of two star crossed lovers. After several misunderstandings, tough punches and kicks, the “Our Deal” music video ends with sadness and regret.

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Amazing storyline aside, this music video is a pleasure to watch simply because of it’s cast of young and talented actors. Featuring Shailene Woodley from ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager,Miranda Cosgrove from ‘iCarly,’ Chloe Moretz from ‘Kick Ass,’ Tyler Posey from ‘Teen Wolf,’ and Alia Shawkat from ‘Arrested Development,’ this cast is hard not to love!

We imagine Drew must have been a bit nervous on her first day of shooting, but she wasn’t the only one! In an interview MTV had with Miranda Cosgrove, she said, “I’ve been watching Drew Barrymore movies ever since I was really little, so I was nervous to meet her”, says Cosgrove in the interview. But after spending some time with Drew, her nerves quickly settled down. “She’s really like your best friend. She’s really laid-back and she was really excited to be doing the video and super into it,” Miranda said.

Inspired by films like “The Outsiders” and “Westside Story,” Drew hoped to create a “fluid” video that was never once “all or nothing.” She wanted to utilize different styles to create a completely new form of film: “I wanted to do a fighting style that was kind of a hybrid of dancing and fighting, just so that it wasn’t one thing or the other, I wanted a real fluidity to it.” Her unique take on gang life makes for a compelling viewing experience. Drew hopes that her video and short film will “bring a bit of entertainment or joy or escapism to [viewers] in their day.” Once you start watching, it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen so we think she definitely achieved her goal!

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Drew expressed how she has “always wanted to direct a music video” so we had to ask about her overall feeling regarding the whole experience. For Drew, this process was a learning experience and she came to realize that if you want something badly enough, you’ll get it. “If you sit around with your dreams in your living room, it’s quite frustrating, but if you go out there and you’re lucky enough to find a venue, you could get your short film out there. It was just such an awakening and such an invigorating process for me.” It’s so refreshing to see a big name celebrity acknowledge the fact that with every new experience, she is still learning. She truly possesses a passion for what she does, and her enthusiasm about these new projects is both humbling and inspiring.

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Of course, we couldn’t not ask Drew about how her new take on “Charlie’s Angels” is going. “It’s going great!” She exclaimed. “We’re shooting our episodes now and the girls are in Miami and we’re just kickin butt! It’s super cool.” The new series is attempting to “move forward” without losing any of the charm and spark that attracted viewers to the original “Charlie’s Angels.” Judging by the advertisements, we think it seems like a cool, modern take on the super cool group of girls with exceptional fighting skills.

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And last, Ryan had to touch on Drew’s new love life, addressing some photos he has seen of the up and coming director and her new boyfriend, Will Kopelman. With a laugh, Drew told Ryan that “I really feel that life is making a lot of sense and I feel very lucky right now.” We’re so happy for her! It looks like Drew is on the right track to success and happiness and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

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Be sure to check out both the music video and the short film below! The longer version features five Best Coast songs, including one original score written by lead singer Bethany and band member Bob.

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