Jay-Z And Kanye West Take Over iTunes, Twitter, And The World

August 9, 2011 1:04 pm

Upon the highly anticipated release of their album “Watch The Throne,” Kanye West and Jay-Z have single handedly taken over your computer, hijacked your Facebook feed, iTunes account and Twitter trends. The fans are doing all the promotion and Kanye’s self-proclaimed “Human Hype-beast” lived up to its name. With 7 of the 10 trending topics in New York being tracks from the album and #throneday we’d say that Gaga’s “monster’s” and Bieber’s “belieber’s” watch who really holds the throne.

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The question of “will this album be good?” was never the topic of discussion. Rather, “how great will this album be?” With the full album yet to be live for 24 hours, our generations lack of patients and “I want it now” mentality have begged music forums, magazines and blogs alike to give their two-cents and the pressure to deliver a premature consensus on an album that took over a year in the making. Perhaps one should sit and enjoy the album a few times over and allow their initial reactions to settle in and realize the true artistry that took place with its creation?

Listen To Jay-Z & Kayne West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ & See Twitter’s Reaction [AUDIO]

With that being said, here are some notable high-points that shined through the album and some tracks that are destined to hit clubs worldwide and your earphones for the rest of the year or until this duo drop the sequel.

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  • “No Church In The Wild (feat. Frank Ocean).” A year ago Frank Ocean wasn’t in anyone’s radar for possible collaborations with anyone. After dropping hit song “Novacane” from “Nostalgia Ultra” mixtape he and fellow Odd Future partner Tyler The Creator feuded with rival R&B singer Chris Brown in a twitter beef that was put out as quickly as it began, to writing songs for Beyoncé and now on not one, but two tracks in “Watch The Throne.” “No Church In The Wild” is the spark that lights the album and gives the listeners a little appetizer for what’s to come. Many ideas are being thrown around, along with history lessons of Socrates philosophies, sacrilege, and healthcare corruption. It’s a heavy song to start off with and for their die hard fans.
  • Lift Off (feat. Beyoncé).” Beyoncé, being the loving and supportive wife she is, lent her vocal powers to this song of the skies the limit mentality. Putting her on the chorus is a great contrast from Kanye and Jay-Z’s raps. it provides a part in the album for everyone to enjoy, not just the die hards. It is definitely a motivational track for those who want to reach their highest potential and do something great.
  • Otis (feat. Otis Redding)” & “Gotta Have It.” If “No Church In The Wild” is the appetizer then “Otis” and “Gotta Have It” are the steak and potatoes in this main course and heart of the album. Planted strategically next to one another in the middle, “Otis” was the first official song leaked from the album and “Gotta Have It” is what I’ll prematurely dub as the best song of the album. Jay-Z raps about “planking on a million… I’m riding through your hood, you can bet I got no ceiling” while Kanye’s verse on “racks on racks on racks, Maybach’s on backs on backs”  and “I remain Chi-Town Brooklyn till I die,” are the most notable bars on the track. What really makes this song so good is the way Kanye and Jay share their verses, one bar after the other. Not one minute Kanye the next Jay. Their cadence of slow then fast is like nothing on the radio, and the Neptunes beat gives it that Midas touch.
  • Ham” & “The Joy (feat. Curtis Mayfield).” For those who bought the deluxe version get the luxury of 4 more tracks and two tracks that go hard! “Ham” or “hard as a motherf***er” drops heavy beats with lyrics of how “Ham” Kanye and Jay-Z go. While “The Joy” is a great song to finish the album off with. It’s soulful chorus from the great Curtis Mayfield mixed in with Kanye and Jay-Z’s effortless flows gives a great track to sit back and enjoy. It brings that summer jam.

Jay and Kanye could arguably be as big as Michael Jackson and The Beatles for their era in their respective genre’s. They continue to sell out venues, make chart topping hits, and deliver album after album of pure rhyming genius. Listen to a preview of the album below and buy the album at iTunes.