Million Dollar Perfume Released By DKNY [VIDEO]

August 9, 2011 11:10 am

Most perfume bottles run at about $30 to $75 dollars, a price that many believe is a little high for a small bottle of sweet smelling liquid. Personally known as the girl who just grabs samples of perfume, I was shocked to learn about DKNY’s newest addition to their “Be Delicious” collection of perfumes.

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Donna Karan really outdid herself with this one! She teamed up with celebrity jeweler Martin Katz to create the world’s first million-dollar fragrance bottle filled with the new “Golden Delicious” perfume. That’s right, this fragrance that would normally run at about $45 has been placed in a bottle that racks up the price tag to one million bucks.

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Here’s why the perfume costs so much?
The bottle is carved from polished 14-karat yellow and white gold and features 2,909 precious stones sourced from all over the world; a 1.65 carat Turquoise Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, a 7.18 carat Oval Cabochon Sapphire from Sri Lanka, 15 Round Brilliant Vivid Pink Diamonds from Australia weighing 1.28 carats, 4 Round Rose Cut Diamonds weighing 0.32 carats, a 3.07 carat Oval Cut Ruby and a 4.03 carat Pear Shape Rose Cut Diamond. Each stone was then hand placed by Martin Katz himself and placed in the shape of the stunning New York City skyline, an iconic image that has long been associated with the popular designer.

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But don’t worry, this million dollar fragrance wasn’t created just for fun. After the bottle completes it’s world tour (yes, a perfume bottle is touring the world) it will be sold to one wealthy bidder. Net proceeds from the sale will be donated to Action Against Hunger, an organization that helps five million people get the food and nutrition they need.

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We’re so happy the money from this gorgeous perfume bottle is going to a noble cause. If you could, would you buy the million dollar perfume? If not, what would you do with a million dollars?