Cobra Starship Releases Unconventional Music Video for ‘Fool Like Me’ [VIDEO]

August 10, 2011 12:09 pm

Cobra Starship has wowed us again with their new single and we’re really digging it! The song is titled “Fool Like Me” and it’s super catchy. The lyrics are definitely the best part because they’re funny, witty, and so cute all at once.

Listen To Cobra Starship’s New Single ‘#1Nite’ [AUDIO]

This unconventional music video is surprisingly fun to watch! Instead of featuring actors or the band members, the video relies solely on an old projector to move the plot along. The whole video consists of shots of the lyrics projected onto different “urban” surfaces- a bridge, a brick wall, concrete. It’s a really cool music video and is something we’d never really seen before! Take a look at it!