Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Reveals ‘That Could Have Been My Last’ Season On Jersey Shore [AUDIO]

August 10, 2011 8:02 am

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino joined On-Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about Season 4 of Jersey Shore, his complicated relationship with Snooki, as well as his other business endeavors. However before the interview began “The Situation” took some quality time with staffer Nelson to show him how to pick up on Italian women in their native tongue.

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Once inside the studio Mike confirmed recently signing a six figure deal for his own line for tuxedos and men’s formal wear. As for upcoming seasons of Jersey Shore, Mike said he has no set plans to appear on the show again saying, “Who knows, that could have been my last. I don’t know.” We hope that’s not true! Jersey Shore wouldn’t be complete without “The Situation!” Mike also confirmed that he is also apart of a new tanning salon endeavor. Despite his many non-television related projects, you need not worry that you’ll be missing your favorite Italian from your television screens because Mike’s also branching out and producing his own show. While details are still secret, he says the show will be “very good” and may have to do with food and fitness. Interesting!

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When Ryan broached the subject of Mike’s relationship with Snooki, he seemed to get a bit nervous. Ryan and Ellen couldn’t get a straight answer out of the reality star. The only sure thing he said was that he does not want to be with Snooki, but simply judging by his nervous demeanor and refusal to offer a solid response to the question, we think there might be a little more to that story.

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Regarding current “Jersey Shore” season, taking a trip to Italy has been one of Mike’s lifelong dreams: “Before I die I wanted to go to Italy or Sicily because I am 100% Italian and [going there] is something I’ve wanted to do in my lifetime. I was so happy when I found out and I thought ‘Oh, that’s great and maybe I can find me a wifey or something like that, like a real Italian girl!” Sadly, he didn’t find himself a “wifey” but he did “find many females…the language barrier wasn’t that hard.” Good to know! It also helped that Vinny is nearly fluent in the language. “I was the more aggresive guy that goes up to the girls and then once I got them I’d have to turn around and bring the girls to Vinny and have him translate.” Looks like “The Situation” is still savvy with the ladies even when he’s in a foreign country!

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Before “The Situation” left the interview he created a new compliment for Ryan saying, “Ryan is FTD. You know what is? Fresh Til Death!” the duo began with whats in Mike’s future.Click the audio player below to listen to the full interview with Ryan!