Will Kendall Jenner Accept Justin Bieber’s Invitation To Double Date With Selena Gomez? [AUDIO]

August 10, 2011 9:41 am

Kendall and Kylie Jenner joined On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to catch up with him after they helped him out at the Glee 3D premiere, and to talk about a recent invitation Justin Bieber sent Kendall via Twitter!

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On the premiere last Saturday, they decided to give busy Ryan the day off and took over his job as red carpet interviewer. The outcome is this hilarious video of the girls cracking jokes, planking, and cat daddying with the cast and creators of Glee! The girls told Ryan they had “so much fun doing it” and would love to do more interviews for him in the future. They admitted to having “no idea what we’re doing” and just “winging it” but their silly antics and between interview banter was hilarious. Both girls agreed that it was the “best time of their lives.” Looks like E! may have found their newest hosts!

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It turns out that Kardashian-Jenner fans weren’t the only ones who enjoyed watching their interviews. A certain someone by the name of Justin Bieber also got a kick out of it, prompting him to tweet Kendall on Tuesday and ask her to go on a date with his friend. Always up for something fun, Kendall tweeted back, “Yeah, I’d love to double date!” Before Ryan could make a comment about the budding romance, Kylie jumped in and sent out a message to The Biebs saying, “Justin, if you’re listening, I need to approve! I need to be there before you go on a date so I can approve really quick.” We love how little sister Kylie is always looking out for her big sis! Take a look at their tweet conversation!

Hey @Kendalljenner you should let my boy @iamjulkeyz take you on a date ;)less than a minute ago via qTweeter Favorite Retweet Reply

Only if you & @selenagomez join! :) #DoubleDate RT @justinbieber: Hey @Kendalljenner you should let my boy @iamjulkeyz take you on a date ;)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Today is a very special day for one of the gorgeous brunette sisters. Miss Kylie is celebrating her 14th birthday! Although she’s excited about turning another year older, she didn’t have any big plans for the day. “I think I’m gong to dinner with the fam and friends and then just hang out after that…I really don’t know [what I want for my birthday.]” Ryan suggested she get her own house or a puppy to which Kylie responded with a laugh, “My mom would never!”

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With only ten days until Kim Kardashian’s nuptials, we simply had to know what these adorable sisters thought about the upcoming wedding. “It’s going to be amazing!” they gushed. “The guest list is crazy!” As for their role in the wedding, the girls responded confidently, “Obviously we’re bridesmaids! Duh!” Kendall and Kylie seem ultra excited for the special event, making us more curious than ever!

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We’ll just have to wait until E! airs the full wedding on October 9th and 10th. Until then, listen to the interview Ryan had with Kendall and Kylie! These girls are hilarious!