Jake Pavelka Reveals Who He Would’ve Chosen If He Could Re-Do ‘The Bachelor’ [AUDIO]

August 11, 2011 7:34 am

Photo: Sadao Turner/Ryan Seacrest Productions

Jake Pavelka joined On-Air with Ryan Seacrest to give “probably one of the last interviews I’m [Jake] going to give about Vienna. Because that chapter [of my life] is over! Thats It!” Even more shocking when asked if Jake could do it all over again who would he have picked in the finale? Gia Allemand or Vienna Girardi? Without hesitating Jake answered emphatically, “Gia. Easy [choice]. Gia!”

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On Vienna being cast in “The Bachelor Pad”, Jake says he “didn’t really think about it. I had reached out to her a couple of times over the last few years to try and reconcile what happened during the break up special. She wouldn’t take my calls.” In fact, when he found out that Vienna would be starring alongside him in the reality show, he was almost relieved. He knew that he’d finally have the chance to talk with Vienna and (hopefully) iron everything out.

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Jake spoke candidly about the whole situation of giving Vienna immunity, saying “I gave Vienna that rose because I went on the show not for $250,000 but to finish that conversation that we started a year ago where she crocodile teared out. She was so on edge and not to mention, on her way out [of the Bachelor Pad.] Everyone had decided that Vienna was leaving and she was going to be off the show and I couldn’t let that happen because I needed that moment with her….[and] I wanted her to be comfortable.” Jake’s move was undeniably nice but Vienna didn’t accept it, promising more drama in the upcoming episodes.

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Despite the tension between Jake, Vienna and Kasey, Jake had some kind words to say about the couple: “I wish them both well. I think they both have a little bit of an uphill battle. Some of the stuff that’s coming up on the next episodes between them is a little bit disturbing. Kasey is a good guy, he’s just caught up in Vienna’s web.”

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When asked about his heated interview with Chris Harrison on “The Break-Up Special” he blames Vienna’s tearful outburst on “crocodile tears. She can turn them on whenever she wants.” In his opinion, she played the “victim card” simply to gain fame. Confirming our suspicions, Jake spilled that he has absolutely “no feelings” for her anymore and even dished that she “looked fine” before her nose job. Well, that’s nice.

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Jake has no shortage of kind words to say about the strongly disliked “Bachelor” contestant and he really seems genuine about it all. We’ll have to continue tuning in to the rest of the season “The Bachelor Pad” to see how everything boils down with with this warring former couple! Catch it on ABC on Monday’s at 8/7 central!

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