Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine Release New Music Video For ‘Stereo Hearts’ [VIDEO]

August 12, 2011 11:00 am

Gym Class Heroes and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine joined forces to create this awesome love song called “Stereo Hearts.” Even though it’s been on the radio for two months, the two musical powerhouses just released their creative music video for the catchy song.

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When we heard that a “Stereo Hearts” video was being released, we thought, “Didn’t they already release one?” The answer is “yes!” This new version is a follow up to the original “lyric” video, posted below. The “Stereo Hearts” music video is distinctly Gym Class Heroes and upholds the band’s reputation for having quirky, unique videos. But fans will notice a definite change in vibe for the band. Absent from the video is the band’s usual hyper, enhanced color scheme and energetic action. Some may say Gym Class Heroes has “matured” up a bit, with the help of veteran musician Adam Levine. We like this new look! And if you toss in a bit Adam’s smooth voice and GCH’s clever lyrics, and you’ve got yourself a great song with an equally amazing video to match.

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This video is really interesting because of the special effects it uses. No, it’s nothing like Britney Spears‘ special effects in her energetic video for “I Wanna Go.” Rather, GCH and Adam chose something a little more subtle. The breakdancers featured in the video cast shadows on the walls and if you look closely, you can see that the shadows dance differently. Lead singer Travie McCoy’s shadow grows longer as he talks about turning up the volume on a stereo. The movements of the dark reflections seem to help tell the story of the song, which is really neat and creative! What are your thoughts on the vid? Cool or boring?