Find Out What Ke$ha Is Doing With Rocker Magician Criss Angel! [AUDIO]

August 15, 2011 12:02 am

(Photo: Getty Images)

Ke$ha has worked with rapper Flo Rida, 3Oh!3, and Britney Spears, but I don’t think many people saw her collaborating with rocker magician Criss Angel. The whole thing came about, thanks to her little brother.

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Apparently Ke$ha and her family went to see Criss’ stage show, BeLIEve, in Las Vegas, because her brother, Louie, is a huge fan of Criss’. After the show, they all met backstage and Criss was nice enough to sign one of his magic kits for Louie.

The whole group hit it off right away, so much so, that Ke$ha decided to appear in a video on Criss’ new website Which is apparently a combination of a TV network, magic school, magician’s supply shop, and portal to all things magic.

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