Lady Gaga Undergoes Mermaid Transformation In ‘You & I’ Music Video [VIDEO]

August 16, 2011 1:13 pm

Lady Gaga experiments with a new visual theme in her most recent music video and it’s a totally new change for the mega star. Her music video for “You & I” has a definite country vibe, something we’ve never seen Gaga do before. Of course, she’s pulled it off perfectly.

At the start of the video, there are clips of Gaga paired with a quiet yet unpleasant white noise and some eerie sounding tinkering bells. The ‘Mother Monster’ walks down a deserted road dressed glamorously in black, passing out in the countryside by a creepy looking ice cream truck, and being strapped to some sort of testing board.

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The video starts and we see an innocent looking Gaga wailing at a piano in the middle of a clearing in a corn field. Dressed demurely all in white with very little make-up, Gaga serenades a “Greaser” type guy who sits rudely on her piano, spitting beer out onto the ground and picking at his teeth. Many people are guessing this boy represents Luc Carl, a Nebraska native who broke Gaga’s heart, according to the rumor mill. It appears she wanted to take advantage of this new country sound by pairing it with a music video that’s a little more “midwest” than previous ones but still possesses that weirdness that Gaga’s become known for.

With several outfit and scenery changes, Gaga sings about her lost love who she refers to as “Nebraska.” One second she’s dancing scantily clad in a barn, shaking her teal locks, and the next she’s spinning and twirling like a ghost in a cornfield. Shortly thereafter Gaga begins a shocking transformation into a mermaid in bathtub.

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Regardless of the meaning behind her seafaring get-up, Gaga looks stunning as the ocean creature. Paired with a great song and awesome outfits, this music video is another hit for Lady Gaga!