Baby Saves Twin Sister Before Birth

August 17, 2011 2:15 pm

Many of us can sense that special bond that resides between two siblings, especially twins. Finishing each others sentences, reading each others emotions, and developing super close relationships are all common among twins. For whatever reason, growing up in the womb together creates a connection between the twins that lasts a lifetime. For one family, that connection saved a life.

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Andrea Goodrich went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound for her twins when doctors saw something strange and unsettling. Around one of her daughters hearts was a “halo” and a tear in the amniotic sac. They began tests but her placenta had ruptured and she began to bleed. Doctors felt neither twin stood a chance at survival, so Andrea and her husband waited for the inevitable miscarriage.

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While the family waited in horror at the thought of possibly losing both their babies, something incredible was happening. The healthy twin, who they call Nico, moved into a position where she stopped the leaking from the other twins, named Kiki, placenta. Because of her sister, Kiki was able to take advantage of several weeks longer in the womb to grow, despite the tear in the placenta.

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At 30 weeks, Andrea went into labor and had an emergency c-section. Although the girls were both tiny, they were healthy. They spent a few months in the special care nursery and headed home. Today, Kiki’s heart is fine!

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Andrea and her husband, Paul, are delighted that both of their twins are happy and healthy. Andrea says that even today, at seven months old, the twins share an unbelievable connection with each other. They always like to see each other and make each other laugh. Nico’s ability to sense her sisters trouble and her resulting efforts to save her is unbelievable. Their incredible bond in the womb is sure to last them a lifetime.